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Derek D. Bratton

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Derek Bratton started his career in journalism while serving in the Navy. He worked as a weapons technician on the F-18 fighter jet, and in his spare time, he would bring his DSLR camera to the flight deck to take photographs of the Sailors as they would work in one of the most dangerous environments in the world.








2011 he was transferred to Fallon, Nevada, and his interest in the paranormal started to grow. He followed various paranormal shows and questioned the validity, so he decided to join a paranormal team called "Ghost Posse." After several investigations with the team, he experiences a lot of unexplained activity but still questioned it. 


In 2014 he transferred to Lemoore, California, where he became an independent investigator but would help paranormal teams assess their findings by debunking them from an objective point of view. He would also use his travel as an opportunity to investigate new locations, and in 2017 he put together a team and documented profound evidence of the paranormal, including an apparition, disembodied voices, and phantom footsteps. From this point, he decided that he wanted to find and document more stories of the unexplained. 





In 2019 he retired from the Navy, but his interest in the paranormal remained the same. After a string of unexplained things that happened after his 2017 investigation of the Washoe Club, he further investigates the supernatural. He started to document other people's experiences and stories. He collaborates with paranormal teams & experts, and he works with historians and talks to eyewitnesses to gather evidence of the unexplained. 

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