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Ghost Warriors Ep. 1 is live on Spotify

Ghost Warriors' Derek Bratton captures phantom voices on his audio equipment

Listen to episode one of the hottest new paranormal show on Spotify.

Derek and Ryan are military veterans who decided to continue their service to the community by giving families relief after experiencing unexplained activities in their homes.

Derek was an Aviation Ordnanceman (AO) in the Navy. In 2011 he joined his first paranormal team when he was stationed in Fallon, Nevada.

Derek was skeptical of the paranormal until he took a group of friends to a supposedly haunted hot spot at the Washoe Club in Virginia City, Nevada, where he and his friends experienced unexplained activity.

Ryan was a Navy Chaplain and had experiences he could not explain while stationed in Arizona. He is now on a mission to understand what he experienced that day he and his secretary were alone in the chapel.

In Episode one, the two discuss how they got their start in the paranormal and what pushed the two once skeptics into believers.

They also discuss their first case in Dallas, Oregon, where they caught phantom voices and other unexplained phenomena.

New episodes air on the Polk IO News Radio station every Friday at 5 p.m. PST and hit Spotify the following Sunday.

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