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Missing Man's Family Birthday Gift to Fauna Frey

Michael Bryson went missing on August 5th, 2020. Bryson was with friends at Hobo Campgroundnear Cottage Grove, Oregon, and has not been missing since. At the time, Bryson was 27 years old. On January 5th, Bryson turned 28 years old. His family has a message for Bryson and his supporters, which was relayed through the Facebook group “Let's Find Michel Bryson,” which now has a following of 19,900 members.

Rick Dancer was a news anchor in western Oregon turned storyteller and social media influencer. Dancer sat down with Bryson’s father, mother, and sister on January 5th. When Dancer was trying to set up the interview date and time, he suggested January 5th when he said Parrish Bryson, Michel Bryson’s father got quiet.

On the Facebook Web show “Get Real with Rick Dancer,” Dancer said, “A lot of weird stuff is going on with this, none of the days were working out, and I said, how about January 5th. The Bryson’s got quiet. I thought, what did I say? I say somethings that get me in trouble. The family let me know that January 5th is Michael’s birthday.”

During the interview, Bryson’s father, Parrish, confirmed new developments in the missing person case. Authorities once believed that Bryson walked away from Hobo Camp (and his friends) in August. Bryson’s father now believes that Michael Bryson was abducted instead of wandering off and getting lost as previously thought.

Parrish Bryson told Dancer, “Someone has located some of Michael’s items about a mile from Hobo Camp, which confirms that Michael did not just walk away on his own accord.” Parrish continues, “There are several people out there who know what happened on August 4/5 to Michael, and eventually, someone will speak up.”

The Bryson’s wanted to use Michael's birthday as an opportunity to highlight other people who are missing and using the platform of Dancer’s show to bring awareness to the mass audience of the “Let’s Find Michael Bryson” Facebook Group. Dancer interviewed Fauna Frey's father, who disappeared on September 24th of 2020, only leaving her Jeep. Authorities found the Jeep in the brush near Rouge River in southern Oregon.

Fauna Frey went missing one month before Michael Bryson. Dancer says the cases are not related but wanted to use the Michael Bryson foundation to bring awareness to Frey’s case as a gift to Michael for his birthday. John, Frey’s father, believes that his daughter is still alive.

There is a $10,000 reward for anyone who has information on Bryson’s disappearance leading to bringing Bryson home. For more information, visit “Let’s Find Michael Bryson” on Facebook.

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