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Nick Groff sounds off about Zak Bagans and the state of the paranormal field.

In his Twitter post, Nick Groff spoke candidly about his time with Zak Bagans and the current state of the paranormal field. He discussed how despite their successful Ghost Adventures series, things were not always smooth sailing between him and Zak. He went on to say that over time, he gained respect for Zak as a showrunner and filmmaker but felt frustrated at times with his presence on the show and its direction.

Groff then expressed his concern: "Ok, let's get into this. I got all your questions. I sorted through them. Let me start off by saying this. I never had to NDA. I was not fired from Ghost Adventures, and I never did a 'bad thing.' I never cheated in a relationship that I was in," Groff said.

I was misled by the ongoing paranormal lockdown. I kept my head up for nine years, I pushed forward I kept trying to move on, creating new hit shows, but the previous hosts that I used to work with kept trying to stop my career. So, this is my story, this is from my perspective, and now I have to talk about it."

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